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What We Do

SureGo Administrative Services' mission is to provide exceptional claims and administration services to our clients and partners in the U.S. and around the world. By applying leading technologies, we work efficiently and effectively to deliver superior claims processing for members and effective accounting of insurance premiums for our partners.

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Who We Are

We are a trusted Third-Party Administrator (TPA) that stands at the forefront of the insurance industry, redefining what it means to provide exceptional service and support.

We have cultivated a reputation for unwavering commitment to our clients and partners. Our seasoned team of professionals combines deep industry knowledge with cutting-edge technology to deliver customized, cost-effective solutions.

We are not just an administrator; we are your strategic ally, dedicated to helping you navigate the ever-evolving insurance landscape with confidence and ease. Discover the difference of working with a TPA that truly understands who you are and what you need.

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Who We Serve

At our claims administrative company, we are dedicated to serving a diverse clientele across various industries. Our commitment to excellence knows no bounds, as we cater to the unique needs and demands of insurance providers, businesses, healthcare organizations, and individuals alike. Our tailored services and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction ensure that we meet and exceed the expectations of all our valued clients, delivering efficient and effective claims solutions that empower them to focus on what matters most – their core operations and peace of mind.

Travel Medical Insurance
Travel Medical Insurance

SureGo is here to support you in your time of need. We understand that needing to utilize your insurance coverage when traveling outside your home country can be confusing and we can help answer questions about your Travel accident and sickness plans. We can provide benefits, help you locate a provider, help you with filing a claim, provide status of an open claim, and explain documentation requirements.

Trip Protection & Cancellation
Trip Protection & Cancellation

Even the most affordable coverage plans can provide significant benefits. SureGo can help you understand the limits and benefits of your Trip cancellation plan. We can also help familiarize you with the basics of Tripe cancellation and confirm what needs to be done if something causes you to cancel your trip.

International Student Insurance
International Student Insurance

If you are covered on one of our Collegiate Care plans, SureGo is aware of the specific issues that students often encounter and face when attending college or participating in a research program in the U.S. Please contact us for assistance in navigating the U.S. healthcare system and finding treatment when you need it.